Shana R Gordon, MA, LCMHCS, DCC, CRC

Therapist/ WPATH GEI Certified gender specialist


Treatment Philosophies:
Shana believes that everyone has the answers to their own problems – they just need to ask the right questions. Therapy is a process that requires dedication and work; sometimes we will feel worse before we feel better. There can be times when unresolved “baggage” affects forward progress and that baggage needs to be unpacked, placed in clear shoeboxes, acknowledged, and addressed. This allows patients to see and understand what triggers are approaching, giving them control of responses and reactions. Shana is known for being straightforward and honest with her patients, coating issues in sugar does nothing but delay healing.

Treatment Specialties:
Shana’s past is both colorful and extensive, giving her unique perspectives that gives her the ability to understand military and law enforcement officers. Shana also specializes in assisting transgender patients navigate everything related to their gender transitions and concerns.

Shana has been working with the transgender community since 2008, is a WPATH GEI Certified gender specialist, and is a co-founder of a local non-profit that assists transgender people. Shana is well known for her LGBQTIA affirmative/ally advocacy and as a therapist; she is often invited to speak on transgender topics. As there is no legal definition of transitioned, what a patient wants is individually determined, and Shana enjoys helping transgender patients and their families get to where they want to go. This can include completing evaluations for those who want to start hormones and assisting those who are interested in gender affirmation surgery. There is no required therapy prior to having an evaluation; however, some patients prefer therapy before they start. Shana can assist patients with understanding the legal process required in North Carolina for name changes; she understands gender marker changes for social security and the passport agency and can sign off on gender marker changes for the DMV.

General Ages Treated:
• Children/Adolescents/Teenagers (LGBQTIA only)
• Individual Adults
• Couples

Concerns Addressed:
• Gender
• Chronic Pain
• Coping Skills
• Depression
• Grief
• Law Enforcement
• Military
• Relationship Issues
• Self Esteem
• Traumatic Brain Injury

Service Modalities:
• Face to Face
• Tele-Health