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Office Cat

Treatment Specialties:
Finn hails from the mean streets of Summerfield, NC. He then graduated with his Masters in Fuzz at the Meowniversity of Greensboro. He then searched for the purrfect practice until he moved his office location to TLC. Finn is known for his friendly face and easy-going personality. He loves to make sure patients feel welcome by being the first fuzzy face they see. His treatment philosophy is to help you see the pawsitive things in life. He promotes body pawsitivity – if he fits, he sits. He understands the importance of self-care, especially when it comes to treating himself and napping. In his free time, he likes to bird watch, fish watch, counselor watch, and employee watch.

• Hallway floor, break room, lap, or window.

General Ages Treated: 
• All ages, individual and family

Concerns Addressed:
How to Come to Terms with your 9 Lives.
Stress Relief
Negative Thinking
Feline Relationships
Kanine Relationships
10 Ways to tell Human to Feed You

Service Modalities:
• Face to Whisker