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We will charge the card we have saved on file, which you have given permission by signing the financial agreement.

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Transgender Evaluations and Referrals*:

Each Transgender Evaluations and Referral for a Cross-Sex Hormone Letter include a minimum of an hour and a half session with Ms. Shana Cole.  Ms. Cole conducts a thorough evaluation of your social, psychological, biological and developmental history. She reviews with you the WPATH standards of care. Ms. Cole provides you with information regarding the average timeline of hormones. She also provides each person with information about the risks and benefits of hormones and their limitations. Ms. Cole ensures that each person understands informed consent and provides referrals to supportive endocrinologists and other medical professionals who work with the Transgender community.

After completing the evaluation, Ms. Cole provides each person with two letters. One letter is for the client to keep for his/her records. The other letter is for the physician you wish to be referred to for Cross-Sex Hormones.   Ms. Cole’s relationship with the client does not end after the evaluation. Ms. Cole will continue to communicate with her clients via phone and email after the evaluation regardless if therapy is necessary. She is happy to answer questions, advocate for the client, provide access to resources that may not be readily available, or just be a supportive ear from time to time.

Cross-sex hormones evaluation and referrals: $250
Gender reassignment surgery evaluation and referral for “top” surgery: $290
Combined cross-sex hormone & FTM “top” surgery evaluation: $300
Gender affirmation surgery evaluation which includes a 2nd appointment for your concurrence evaluation for “bottom” surgery: $350

Evaluations are not covered by insurance and Tree of Life will not file insurance for any these services.

Please e-mail our TLC Administrative Team or call 336.288.9190 to make an appointment for these services.