Please be aware of the No Show No Call/Late Cancellation Fee (less than 24 hours notice) of $80.

Patient is responsible for all deductible amounts, co-payments, and balances that remain unpaid by your insurance company.

We will charge the card we have saved on file, which you have given permission by signing the financial agreement.

Tree of Life Counseling - Greensboro, North Carolina

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ph: 336-288-9190           f: 336-450-4318

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Tree of Life Greensboro North Carolina

Psycho-education Speaking Engagements

We have very educated and well-versed therapists on staff who are comfortable and enjoy working with the community-at-large.  Below is a sampling of topics our therapists have experience presenting to small and large audiences:

  • LGBTQ Issues:  Mental Health/ Safety for Teens and Adults
  • Transgender Topics for schools and the workplace
  • Parenting Topics: Behavior Management and Parenting difficult children
  • Cyberbullying – Keeping kids safe at home and at school
  • Adoption and Infertility
  • Grief and Loss: Related to Issues of Pregnancy, Miscarriage, and Issues related

Pricing varies per topic and event. Please contact the Tree of Life Counseling therapist you wish to use for your event.