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LGBTQ Therapy

Tree of Life Counseling provides Affirmative Therapy for all LGBTQ clients.

Affirmative therapy for LGBTQ individuals is based on the premise that LGBTQ and heterosexual identities are equally valid. An LGBTQ affirmative counselor has particular knowledge, awareness (specifically self-awareness), and skills specific to competent counseling for LGBTQ individuals. While maintaining a broad view of acceptable lifestyles, LGBTQ-affirmative therapy challenges oppressive stereotypes and systems of thought, and celebrates and advocates for LGBTQ people and their relationships.*  The  American Counseling Association has ethical guidelines for working with the LGBTQ population as well as recently adopted new guidelines for working with the Transgender population as well. We also strictly follow the WPATH Standards of care for working with Transgender individuals.  However, LGBT-Affirming therapy goes beyond just following guidelines, it involves a spirit of humility, respect, and deep understanding of the vast differences in human social ecology.

*From Morrow, S. L., & Beckstead, A. L. (2004). Conversion therapies for same-sex attracted clients in religious conflict: Context, predisposing factors, experiences, and implications for therapy. The Counseling Psychologist, 32, 641 – 650.

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New Transgender & Ally Support Group

Southeastern Transgender and Ally Initiative (SETAI)
Support Meetings:
3rd Saturday of the month
6p- until
The first 1 ½ hours is dedicated to separate support group meetings under one roof and then we break out into mingling it up!
Location: for safety and privacy please email